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University Certification Program

University Certification Program is an important initiative of IRD to engage religious scholars and Madrassah teachers in various research and education activities. This initiative is a step toward bridging the gap between Madrassah (Religious) and modern educational institutions. The prime purpose of UCP is to increase the capacities and leadership abilities of religious scholars, Madrassah teachers, students and Imams.

Overall Objectives of UCP:

Expanding the existing educational programs which equip madrasa teachers, Imams, university faculty and other civic managers to enhance capacity and to institutionalize peacemaking, critical thinking and tolerance skills.
Building upon previously conducted certification programs for madrasas and developing in key Pakistani universities teacher training programs for religious and school faculty.
Engaging with key madrasa scholars in the study of best practices in Islamic education around the world in order to develop new model curriculums for Pakistan’s madrasas.
Expanding upon training programs for the female teachers of girls’ madrasas.
Bringing civic and religious opinion of scholars to study contemporary education in those countries and to develop relationships that can help to develop their horizons.
Scaling up interfaith efforts to facilitate cooperation between Muslim and minority leaderships in preventing religious extremism and discrimination.

Summary of program:

The IRD in collaboration with Peace and Education Foundation, Islamabad organized its second University Certification Program (UCP) for the Madrassa teachers of Rawalpindi Islamabad. The program was part of ongoing initiative of IIIUI/IRD/PEF being run in four Universities of three provinces. The prime purpose of the current initiative (UCP) is to increase the capacities andleadership abilities of these crucial demographics—imams and madrasa leaders.


The UCP program is consisted of 12 days course while duration of each course is at least 3 hours per day.  The University certification program was envisaged not only to provide opportunities of interaction between Madrassas and Universities in a mutually learning environment but also to learn through a mix of modern and religious (Islamic) teaching methods. The program was organized from 11 April to 23rd April 2017 at International Islamic University Islamabad.

Number of Participants:

25 participants belonging to various sects and schools of thought (Deobandi, Baraliv, Ahle Hadith and Shia) participated in the program.

The main modules/Topics of the UCP: 

Self Awareness, Learning and Development, Classroom Management , Critical Thinking, Child Psychology & Emotional Intelligence , Conflict Resolution, Research and Research Methods, Human Rights and Concept of Pluralism.

Research assignment:

During the course participants were given group research assignment as well to enhance their research skills. They were asked to choose topic of their choice and write short research paper on this within the course duration.

Feedback of the participants:

at the end of each session evaluation and feedback was taken from the participants. In addition to this at the end of session individual comments and suggestions were also recorded. The overall feedback of the participants was very encouraging and positive as all the participants urged to arrange such programs in future as well.  One participant remarked “UCP has bridged gaps between two streams of education in our society and I have realized my responsibilities as a teacher (Muhammad Yasir). Another participant said, “I have learnt so many things in UCP which I could not even think of in my madrasa. (Muhammad Umair Khan).

Certification distribution:

At the end of the training course certificate were distributed among the participants. On this occasion, participants urged for more such workshops because according to them it was for the first time that they had attended any such program at University level. They were of the view that interaction between Madrassh and University or other modern education institutions should be promoted to understand each other in a better way.

Modules intro/topics:

The main modules/topics of the workshop were as following;

  1. Self Awareness
  2. Learning and Development
  3. Classroom Management
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Child Psychology & Emotional Intelligence
  6. Adult Learning Principles
  7. Research and Research Methods
  8. Human Rights and Concept of Pluralism
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