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Seminar on Youth of Today and their Responsibility

at Government Higher Secondary School,  Shedad Kot  13 March 2016

The Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue (IRD) and Regional Dawah Centre, Karachi jointly organized a one-day Seminar on “Youth of Today and their Responsibility” at Government Higher Secondary School  Shedad Kot on 13 March 2016.  Professor Abdul Jabbar Junejo was the Moderator of the program.

Dr. Talib Hussain Sial, Director (Programs), IRD talked about the rights of people in the society. He said Allah SWT who created Human Beings in a balanced approach . He SWT lets the Humans to order and fashion their lives in a balanced way by guiding them through Holy Quran and Prophetic Traditions . The Holy Quran categorically discusses the topic of Human Rights in detail , emphasizing on its applications , significance as well as its need in Social Interactions . He added Islam is against giving extra favors to any individual on the grounds of power; possession or race. God has created all humans as equal, and their superiority over one another is only due to piety.

Dr. Mahmood Ghaznvi, Ex-Chairman, Department of Mass Communication, University of Karachi talked on the communication skills.  He informed that in the Qur’an, Allah reveals that the creation of the human is a miracle. The first human being was created by Allah shaping clay into human form and breathing a soul into it.

He added that  the society cannot survive and move forward without the much needed conviction and reliance among its inhabitants. This hope bounds them together, and enhances their cooperation. But where does this mutual trust come from? It develops through fulfilling commitments and being truthful in relationships. Nobody likes and approves person who is known to be a customary fraud. On the other hand, one who always completes its pledge is regarded as the most respectable person amongst people.


Professor Syed Gul Muhammad Shah Bukhari of Shehdad Kot, expressed his gratitude and said that he participated in the training of ulama program of  Dawah Academy, Islamabad. The orientation and training program is part of education. Practical and technical education should be part of our life and it would be essential for our youth. The youth has the ability to change the living standard of mankind and the country. He admires the services of the International Islamic University, Islamabad to conduct such type of candid discussion in remote area of Sindh and thanked the team.


Dr. Aziz-ur-Rehman, Director/Incharge, RDC (Sindh) Karachi welcomed the participants and thanked the administration of college for a warm welcome of his team. He gave a message of brotherhood, tolerance and peace and stressed upon them to eradicate the social distribution among the society. miscalculation arises in the society but reaction should be positive. Figure out your anger, but not in negative perspective but build a way to improve. He narrated an event of pile of wealth in Masjid-e-Nabvi, Holy Prophet (SWS) didn’t go home until it was distributed among the needy. He further shared an event of Holy Prophet when a person came and begged. He himself put wooden in the axes from his hands and asked to go forest and cut down wooden and sale in the Bazar. He helped the poor to stand at their own feet.


Dr. Shahzado Channa, Assistant Professor, Regional Dawah Centre, Karachi briefed the objectives and mission of the Dawah Academy and said that the Academy has been offering Islamic Orientation program for ulama, Army Officers, school teachers, lawyers and jurists of Pakistan. The Academy has quite numbers of publications and  has the distinction of translation of Holy Quran in 15 languages of the globe. The Regional Dawah Centre is based at Ahsanabad, Karachi and has been organizing different types of Islamic Orientation programs in Karachi and rural Sindh.


Mr. Muhammad Ismail, Assistant Director, IRD briefly introduced the objectives and mission of Iqbal International Institute for Research & Dialogue (IRD) of the International Islamic University, Islamabad. He added that IRD has been working at grassroots level in small towns and cities of throughout Pakistan. He added that IRD promotes research, debates, dialogue and public awareness on relevant issues like democracy, pluralism, tolerance, human rights, women rights, peace building, rights and concerns of minorities, social justice, globalization and role of youth. He also shared university teaching programs with the participants and informed them the IIU has a separate campus for its female students.

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