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Seminar on Education System in 21st Century

held at Graduate College Murree October 2, 2012

A seminar on “Education System in 21st Century” was held at Postgraduate College, Muree on October 2, 2012. Professors and students of the college attended the Seminar. The key speaker Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad, Executive Director (IRD) and Vice President (Acad.) of International Islamic University, Islamabad remarked that during the upcoming two-three decades, the prime focus of education would be Engineering, Information Technology and Management Sciences. The students would prefer to acquire knowledge of natural and material sciences; as a result literature and philosophy would gradually become obsolete. Likewise study of social sciences will also be ignored as compared with concrete sciences. Moreover students will not feel necessary to attend universities and colleges rather they will prefer to acquire knowledge and information through internet sitting in their homes. This new trend will deprive students of personal attention (Faizan-e-Nazar) of their mentors and teachers. Consequently, scientific and technological revolution would compel human beings to work and act like machines. The materialistic attitudes would badly affect tender human feelings and emotions.

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