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Seminar on Muslim and World Politics

held at Islamabad Model College for Girls F-6/2, Islamabad June 14th, 2012

A seminar on ‘Muslims and World Politics’ was held in Islamabad Model College for Girls F-6/2 in collaboration with IRD. Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad (Executive Director, IRD) and Dr. Talib Hussain Sial (Director, IRD) participated in the Seminar. They were welcomed by Prof. Rehana Rashid, Principal of the college and other faculty members. Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad delivered the lecture on aforesaid topic. He discussed the strategic location of the Muslim countries highlighting their natural resources and the drawbacks of their political, economic and foreign policies. He elaborated how USA trained and used Mujahidin against USSR and later branded them as terrorists and declared war against them. America is now fighting against them professing them as its enemy.

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